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network security-1202344_1280Cyber Security is a real and constant threat that has gained more and more traction every year. Small businesses have become prime targets because they have low security budgets and a mindset that it will never happen to them. We can tell you firsthand that you are susceptible to cyber attacks as long as you are connected to the internet.

  • Monthly or quarterly reports. We compile reports from every system on your network and show you in a simplified document what needs to fixed and/or upgraded to better protect your network from the outside.
  • Real-time defense against intruders trying to gain access to your network by providing 24/7 reporting on key areas such as user-login, anomalous logins, administrative access to client/personal information and more.
  • Perimeter firewalls that provide Gateway Anti-virus that filters traffic BEFORE it even gets to your system. They provide Intrusion Detection/Prevention built right into the device. We monitor and maintain the devices, so you are headache/worry-free.
  • Cyber-awareness training and education to your employees to help explain the dangers of spam, links, ads, phishing attempts and all things evil on the web.
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